GAIA Asia Pacific Fellowship Disclaimer on Course Material Use

By duly completing the registration form, you have signified your commitment as a participant to a GAIA Asia Pacific Media Fellowship. As a participant, you are expected to attend and complete the course.

As a participant, you agree not to distribute the course materials for commercial purposes, nor claim them as your own. As a participant of this course, you are committing to upholding GAIA’s copyrights to all course materials, and full acknowledgement will be required if any materials are to be used, reproduced, and/or replicated for program implementation and external discussions. Formal requests must be made directly to the GAIA Asia Pacific Communications Team via email, and will be subject to approval depending on the intended use of the course material/s.

Claiming materials as your own, misrepresenting the course materials, and/or using them for profit are considered violations of your formal agreement as a participant of this course, and will result in a forfeiture of your access to the course materials.

In addition, the GAIA Asia Pacific Communications Team reserves the right to refuse a participant’s continuation with the program and/or issuance of certificates in the case of a violation of your formal agreement. You will also lose the opportunity to participate in future Fellowships and other GAIA activities. This consequence will apply to you as the individual participant, and may extend to you as the organizational representative where the disallowance to participate in future Fellowships and other GAIA activities will extend to other members/staff of your organization.