GAIA-BFFP Asia Pacific Media Fellowship (Philippines), October to December 2021

While there exists a law banning incineration in the Philippines, this has not stopped the incineration and the plastic industries, international financing institutions (IFI) like the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Japan International International Cooperation (JICA), the national government, and some local government units push for waste incineration and its many forms to “manage” the waste crisis.

Civil society organizations have not stopped campaigning against incineration through policy and lobby work and media engagement. While there is an appreciation among environment journalists on the issue, what is lacking is media engagement with economic reporters who write about “development” projects especially those coming from the ADB.

This media fellowship is developed to gather economic and environmental journalists to explore the issue of waste incineration and how it would affect the Philippine economy.

Danessa Rivera The Philippine Star
Maria Bernadette Romero The Daily Tribune
Dawn Cecilia Peña Bulatlat
Job Manahan ABS-CBN News
Israelbelle Ferolino Now You Know
Ted Aldwin Ong People's Domain
Princess Joy Pascua WOW Smile Radio
Mark Saludes Oeconomedia/Licas News
Marit Cabungon The Manila Times
Sonia G. Astudillo GAIA Asia Pacific
Archie Abellar GAIA Asia Pacific
Jed Alegado Break Free From Plastic
Rei Panaligan Plastic-Free Pilipinas
Aileen Lucero Ecowaste Coalition
Miko Aliño GAIA Asia Pacific
Miriam Azurin GAIA Asia Pacific
Yobel Novian Putra GAIA Asia Pacific
Atty. Gob Alimangohan Ecowaste Coalition
Eloisa Tolentino Ecowaste Coalition
Merci Ferrer War on Waste-Break Free From Plastic (WOW-BFFP) - Negros Oriental
Jill Banta No Burn Pilipinas
Atty. Khristine Joy Argallon Philippine Environment Justice Center
Nica Castillo No Burn Pilipinas
Dr. Jorge Emmanuel Siliman University
Froilan Grate GAIA Asia Pacific
Lito Vasquez No Burn Pilipinas