GAIA-BFFP Asia Pacific Media Fellowship (Dumaguete City, Philippines), April 2019

A five-day media fellowship in Dumaguete City, Philippines which gathers journalists and reporters from five Southeast Asian Countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Via site visits and lectures, the journalists and reporters are introduced to Zero Waste concepts and the use of false solutions by corporations.

  • Zero Waste
      • What is Zero Waste?
      • Why are cities not warm on the idea of Zero Waste?
      • What are the hurdles in implementing Zero Waste?Changing the Story of Plastic Pollution
  • GAIA Overview
  • Solutions or Problems?
      • Misconceptions about plastic, recycling and the false solutions being peddled by industry
      • Dominant Narratives on Waste Issues and Why We Must Thwart Them
  • Introducing War on Waste-BFFP Dumaguete
  • The Role of Media in the Environment Agenda


Adi Marsiela Wartawan Suara Pembaruan
Aditya Heru Wardhana Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists (SIEJ)
Erda Khursyiah Binti Basir Bernama
Ian McIntyre The Sun Daily
Imelda Abano Earth Journalism Network
Jhesset Enano The Philippine Daily Inquirer
Julius Joe Embina Association of Young Environmental Journalists
Mary Judaline Partlow Philippine News Agency
Melvin Gascon The Philippine Daily Inquirer