GAIA Asia Pacific Media Fellowship on Climate (South and East Asia), August 2022 to January 2023

Following the global direction of GAIA to strengthen climate work, this fellowship connects existing work in the region to the bigger climate issue.

While South Asia and East Asia may seem worlds apart, not just geographically, a fellowship combining the two subregions will highlight that despite the seemingly huge differences in economics and stature, these subregions face the same problems and false solutions and both have the capacity to effect genuine solutions.

The GAIA Asia Pacific Media Fellowship on Climate – South and East Asia gathers over 30 journalists from South Asia, East Asia, and one from the Pacific Islands.

Module 1:
Climate issues, policies, and conferences – what to look out for, Mariel Vilella (Zero Waste Europe)

Module 2:
Climate, Zero Waste, and Waste Pickers, Ambily Adithyan (GAIA Asia Pacific), Harshad Barde (SWaCH), Qabeer Jalandhari (Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers)

Module 3:
Climate and Plastics, Neil Tangri (GAIA), Xavier Sun (Taiwan Zero Waste Alliance)

Module 4:
Climate and Burning, Yobel Novian Putra (GAIA Asia Pacific), Afrah Ismail (Zero Waste Maldives)

Module 5:
Climate Reporting, Jhesset Enano (Philippine Daily Inquirer), Ranjit Devraj (SciDev.Net/InterPress News Agency), Shailendra Yashwant (CAN South Asia)

Marium Sultana
Mehedi Al Amin The Business Post
Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad (Abu Azad) The Business Standard (
Parvez Babul The Daily Observer
S M Ashraful Alam ATN BANGLA
Chencho Dema Business Bhutan
Xu Zhenhua The Paper / Sixth Tone
Yichun Luo Business Ecology
Yuan Ye Sixth Tone
Abhishek Kumar Aarhus University School of Media and Culture, Denmark
Cheena Kapoor Freelance
Farkhanda Ashfaq Freelance
Pallavi Sareen The Straight Line
Sadhika Tiwari The Quint
Shatakshi Gawade Independent journalist (Down To Earth, Mongabay, The Federal, First Post)
Shiburaj A K Keraleeyam Magazine
Ayumi Kudoh mymizu / Zero Waste Japan
Ajay Sharma Gorkhapatra Corporation (Gorkhapatra National Daily)
Ananta Prakash Subedi Center for Research on Agriculture, Journalism and Environment, Nepal
Bhumi Kala Poudel Pragya Seeds Nepal, Kathmandu
Mukesh Pokhrel The Record and as a freelancer
Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary Freelance
Rupa Gahatraj Kantipur Daily
Smita Adhikari Sancharika Samuha ( Forum of Woman Communicators in Nepal)
Tanka Dhakal
Urmila Chaudhary (Gamwa Tharu) Indigenous Television
Asim Ahmed Khan Balochistan Express / CNN
Bhoora Lal Maati Tv
Hanif Ullah The Express Tribune
Laraib Athar Freelance
Matiullah Mati Daily Asia Today Quetta
Muhammad Arslan Saeed Pakistan Television Corporation
Sabir Hussain Sunrise Today
Wisal Yousafzai The Express Tribune
Zahid Hussain Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University nawabshah Pakistan
Ben Bilua Island Sun Newspaper
Dishani Senaratne Writing Doves
Paramie Jayakody The Sunday Morning
Rubatheesan Sandran The Sunday Times- Sri Lanka
Yuhuan Yin Mirror Weekly
Jayakumar C Director, Thanal
Kabir Arora National Coordinator, Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers
Nirmala Shekar Campaign Manager, Hasiru Dala/Solid Waste Management Roundtable - Bengaluru
Pinky Chandran Author and Founding Member, Solid Waste Management Round Table - Bengaluru/Hasiru Dala
Mahesh Nakarmi Founder and Executive Director, Health Environment and Climate Action Foundation (HECAF 360)
Harshad Barde Director SWaCH
Lakshmi Narayan Waste Picker Organizer, Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP)
Shibu Nair India Coordinator, GAIA Asia Pacific
David Sutasurya Director, Yaksa Pelestari Bumi Berkelanjutan (YPBB)
Roshan Rai Core Member, Zero Waste Himalaya
Penchom Saetang Founder and Executive Director, Ecological Alert and Recovery - Thailand

Parvez Babul, The Daily Observer

Sustainable Waste Management in Bangladesh and South Asia

Yichun Luo, Business Ecology

Aobag: The Trash Recycling Practice Behind ‘Recycle Station’

Bhumi Kala Poudel, Pragya Seeds, Nepal

जलवायुमा अपाङ्गता सवाल (Disability Issues in Climate) [NP]

Asim Ahmad Khan, Balochistan Express/CNN

Zero Waste Management in Pakistan: A Way Forward

Matiullah Mati, Daily Asia Today Quetta

In Quetta, Every Person Generates 0.72 kg Solid Waste Daily 

Muhammad Arslan Saeed, Pakistan Television Corporation

Islamabad and State of Solid Waste Management

Wisal Yousafzai, The Express Tribune

Plastic Waste: A Threat to Marine Life

Dishani Senaratne, Daily FT

Role of Youth in Achieving Zero Waste: Opportunities and Challenges

SM Ashraful Alam, ATN Bangla

Episode 1: The Plastic Problem, Episode 2: Plastic: Solutions

Cheena Kapoor, Freelance Journalist

Global Health Now: India’s Mountains of Biomedical Waste

Pallavi Sareen, The Straight Line

Jammu’s Palli shines as carbon-neutral panchayat, while Kot Bhalwal dumping site remains an eyesore

Ananta Prakash Subedi, Center for Research on Agriculture, Journalism and Environment, Nepal

Waste Management and landfill sites: Bharatpur’s case

Mukesh Pokhrel, Ukaalo

Plastic bag ban: repeatedly announced, why not implemented?

Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary, Freelance Journalist

Plastic Bottles and Impact of Climate Change

Matiullah Mati, Asia Today Quetta

In Quetta, Every Person Generates 0.72 kg Solid Waste Daily

Sabir Hussain, Sunrise Today

Effect of Garbage on Climate ChangeRevenge of Climate Change, Climate Crisis in Pakistan