GAIA-BFFP Asia Pacific Media Fellowship (Vietnam), July to September 2021

Designed to raise awareness on waste incineration and plastic pollution in Vietnam, twelve journalists from major media outlets in Vietnam were invited to participate in the Fellowship.

Advocates and previous Fellows facilitated sessions on Waste-to-Energy (WTE) incineration, plastic pollution, Zero Waste strategies, and the role of media in environment reporting.

Module 1: Introducing the GAIA-BFFP Asia Pacific Media Fellowship (Vietnam)

  • Meet the Fellows
  • About the Media Fellowships
  • Meet the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives 
  • Meet Break Free From Plastic
  • Meet the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance

Module 2: Deep dive on Zero Waste Cities and Virtual Site Visits

  • Virtual Tour of Zero Waste Cities/Projects

Module 3: Incineration and Other False Solution

Module 4: Breaking free from Plastic

Module 5: GAIA, BFFP, VZWA, and the Media

  • Environment Reporting in Vietnam
  • Life of a journalist and advocate


Cao Thi Ly Ly
Viet Nam News
Nguyen Dinh Chinh
Vietnam Investment Review
Do Thi Thanh Huong
The Hanoi Times
Trinh Bao Tram
Voice of Vietnam 5
Nguyen Thi Lanh
Do Huu Phu
Hanoi Women's Newspaper
Vu Bich Ngoc
Science and Devt Newspaper
Lam Thi Bich Ngoc
VN Express
Tranh Nguyen Quyn Nhu
Thanh Nien Newspaper
Nguyen Cong Khan
Dai Doan Ket
Pham Xuan Hung
Ly Bich Phuong
A Family News