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Comms Officer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m new to the organization and I do both Communications and Program Work, am I qualified to apply?

Yes, you are qualified to apply as long as you are endorsed by the Executive Director/Head of your organization. Additionally, you should be doing communications work in the future. 


My organization does not have a budget to send me to trainings, can I apply/do I qualify for a scholarship?

This Comms Officers Fellowship Training may be availed by GAIA Asia Pacific and #breakfreefromplastic Asia Pacific member organizations.


We don’t have a Communications Officer and none of our staff have any communications background, can we still apply because we want to start doing work on communications?

Yes, provided that you can devote time and attend all sessions. We will be providing two mentors for each Fellow who can guide you throughout the Fellowship.


We don’t have a dedicated Communications Officer and we can not commit to the sessions for four months, can we still have access to the materials?

We would like to prioritize the Fellows but we would be willing to share the resources and materials upon request.


NGO work is quite unpredictable, what if I miss a session?

Four missed classes may result in disqualification for the fellowship and future fellowships.  Complete attendance is a prerequisite to the awarding of your certificate, exceptions may be given in certain situations .  


Are all sessions held virtually or will there be face-to-face sessions?

We will use Zoom for all the group sessions. One-on-one sessions and the mode of communication may be decided by you and your mentor. 


My English is not so good. Can I still join the sessions?

The sessions will be conducted in English.  Those who may need language assistance, please contact us prior to the start of the fellowship. 


You mentioned in your promo that I will be mentored by one GAIA or BFFP AP staff and one journalist, do I have the option to choose which mentor?  How do I get in touch with them?

The mentors will be assigned by the Fellowship Team based on your organization’s needs as expressed in your application form. 

It is your responsibility to schedule one-on-one sessions with them based on yours and their availability.  The one-on-one sessions will be the space for you to ask more questions and tips on how to move forward with your communications work.


Since this is a virtual fellowship, will I have the opportunity to meet other Fellows?

You will be assigned one buddy for the full duration of the fellowship.  Aside from having a constant friend within the fellowship, you and your buddy may share notes and share your progress in the fellowship.  At the end of the sessions, you will pitch your buddy’s communications activity for possible funding by GAIA and BFFP and your buddy will do the same for you.  

On top of that, we will create a room for the fellowship. is a virtual space where we can gather to meet with other fellows.  There will be private rooms if you want to have one-on-one calls with the other fellows or with your buddy.  This is open to all fellows and the Comms Fellowship Team (Sonia, Jed, Dan, Froi, and Dr. Paz).  You may use that space to hangout with the other fellows or to virtually meet with your buddy.


In your promo materials, you mentioned funding opportunities. Can you tell me more about it?

A funding opportunity will be available to the fellows.  You will be asked to choose one communications activity from all that you have learned during the fellowship.  You need to want this activity so much that you want it to be funded by GAIA and BFFP.  Be ready to find the sizzle in your activity and sell it to us for possible funding.

The communications activity will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the campaign 35%
  • Uniqueness of the project 20%
  • Chosen platform (TV, radio, broadsheet, online, multi-platform) 20%
  • Potential audience reach 15%
  • Cost-efficiency 10%


Can I share the materials/resources with my friends? 

All materials in the fellowship are for your personal and office use only.  Please do not share outside the network.  As a participant, make sure you abide by the Disclaimer on Course Material Use.


I’m all set and excited to attend the Fellowship, what do I need to prepare?

You need to have the Zoom app installed on your computer or mobile device. You would also need a stable internet connection. You may want to have a dedicated notebook for this Fellowship as the jot down tips from our facilitators and our amazing consultant.

For other questions or concerns, please email or